Bring back more customers
to your store!

Lots of customers hesitate to give you their email!
But we found a way to stay in touch!

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🛍 Types of your customers

Customer types

Cautious buyers 🤨

• Using AdBlockers

• Incognito shopping online

• Buy something when they decide

Curious buyers 🤓

• Liked/followed a lot of commercial pages

• Not checking offers actively

• You can convince them with ad

Bee can help you reach out Cautious buyers

And improve reaching out Curious ones.

Covering dead angles you wouldn't cover otherwise

Bee is all about extending your target audience.

We are not a replacement to your existing
marketing tools.

Extending reach

We don't ask your customers for their contact data
No emails, phone numbers, social accounts

🛠 How does it work?


Get unique Bee QR codes and
put them in your shop.


Announce it as an alternative way for getting
offers without providing contact data


Segment your followers by providing different QR codes
for each type of goods you're selling


A QR scan means follow. You will appear in their
Bee Informed mobile app feed


They can start following you through the app
It doesn't have to be via QR, no worries


The next promo you send through Bee Informed
will reach customers who already want to get it

Features that might be interesting for your business

  • Fully GDPR compliant, you don't have to worry about storing personal data.

  • Instant offers on their phone. Don't wait till they see it on social media.

  • Chronological timeline - Your store, your app, your content.

  • True Anonymity! Your customers hate when being tracked.

  • Get analytics. You won't see who, but you'll see How many. Important parts only.


Ready to start with this today?

We are, too. First 2 months are free. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to test it.
No credit-card needed! No surprise invoices or payment!

Honeycomb Plan
*after 2 months
  • checkmark No limit on followers count
  • checkmark 50 offers per day
  • checkmark 15 different brand topics
  • checkmark Analytics
  • checkmark Increased in-app visibility
Create your first Bee QR code! This will lead you to our Signup page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Still unclear? Don't hesitate to reach out!

Information, that you send through the web interface, is delivered to the your customer's mobile phones. Following your profile is done through Bee Informed mobile application and your content is presented within the app. For more screenshots check Bee Informed app on App Store or Google Play.

Privacy became a big thing today. People are going incognito so their browsing history doesn't affect ads they are seeing. Sometimes really frightened by those "You recently bought X, what do you think about Y" ads. We wan't to build a place where your audience wouldn't need to worry about this, while still getting the deals they want to get.
People also don't want to get spammed by emails, or give away their personal phone numbers just to get some offers. However, they would still like to buy what you're selling. This is alternative way for getting updates about your business. .

We don't require any personal identifier from your audience, such as name, email, phone number or anything that can relate to them. We don't require any kind of registration. Yet, we can still send your information to the desired target. And we still can show analytics on that.
With Bee Informed Analytics you can see how many people is following each topic. For every announcement you send you'll see how many people received the offer instantly. Also, for each offer you can see open rate, was it open while the offer was actual etc. If you include the links in your offer you can track how many times the links were clicked.

Built With Launchaco
Built With Launchaco